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June 2007
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Felyn [userpic]

In accordance with the latest commentfest, several of the Order now have new titles (in addition to their old ones, if any). The Keeper will be maintaining a list in her LJ, in keeping... um, in accordance with her place in the Trinity... at least I think that's what she said. I was distracted. There were penguins.

Want one? Participate in the next 'fest.

We kinda decided to become deities. It happens.
fleurdelista, High Goddess of Tanks and Stuff
wavesandmoon, High Goddess of Muffins and Inexplicable Vanilla
felyn, High Goddess of Knitting and Small Fluffy Dogs
ifeverangelsbe, High Goddess of Politics and Winnie-the-Pooh

Additionally, there is:
- zeronobus, High God of Post-It Usage and Funkytown
- tckma, High God of [whatever AJ decides]

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Felyn [userpic]

I have claimed the box of generic fudgesicles that were left unlabeled in the feezer here at work.

They have been claimed in my name, for the UHT. Any wishing to partake of the chocolate-y goodness can apply here.

(The lesson behind all this is to initial and date any food left in the fridge/freezer at work - especially chocolatey, ice creamy type things - lest they are eaten by everyone else.)

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Mmm! UHT!


Just kidding guys. You know I loveses you all.

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